• Altar Servers

    Our Altar Servers assist at Mass and do so in style!  Our Parish is very proud of our Servers, and we encourage boys and girls who have made their First Communion to join this important and meaningful part of our Parish Life.  For information regarding joining and training to become an Altar Server, please contact the Parish Office.

  • Choirs

    St. Francis Choir
    The Choir serves the St. Francis de Sales congregation at the 9:30  and 11:30AM Mass each Sunday.  The choir is open to all adults; no audition is required…only the enjoyment of fun, fellowship and singing are necessary!  Never have sung in a choir before?  No matter!  Come and join us for a meaningful way to serve the Lord and our Parish Family.  For information to become a member of the Chorale, please contact Dr Julian Ackerly.
    Children's Choir
    Our Children’s Choir performs the music for the late morning Mass on one Sunday of the each month.  This Choir is open to all children from 2nd Grade through 8th Grade.  For information on joining the Children’s Choir, please contact José Snook.

  • Digital Outreach

    These men and women provide support to home bound parishioners and those who cannot for whatever reason attend Mass through recorded Masses. They help distribute information to parishioners.  Members of this ministry record or livestream Mass weekly, update Facebook, YouTube and the website. They can also provide technical information to various Parish Commissions.  If you are interested in serving in this high-tech ministry, please contact Scott or Eva McDonough.

  • Disciples of the Altar

    The Disciples of the Altar is a group of dedicated and hard-working individuals who devote their time to caring for the sacred vessels which are used for the Liturgy, cleaning and caring for altar linens and vestments, and, in general, maintaining our church as a beautiful and fitting place of worship.  New members are always needed and welcome.  For information regarding becoming a Disciple of the Altar, please contact Sharon Guthrie.

  • Eucharistic Adorers

    Come Adore Him! Eucharistic Adorers devote one hour of their time to sit with the Lord during Tuesday Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. If you would like to spend an hour of your time devoted to the Lord, please contact Stephan Adams.

  • Eucharistic Ministers

    St. Francis de Sales is blessed with the number, quality, and tremendous dedication of the many men and women who have been trained to be our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic. These parishioners distribute Holy Communion during all of the Masses. For information on training to become an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharistic, please contact Salim and Karen Dominguez at the parish office.

    Pastoral Assistants/Hospital Visits
    Specially trained Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic bring Holy Communion to the sick and to shut-ins. Each week these men and women serve God’s people in homes, hospitals and nursing homes throughout our community. For information on taking the Eucharist to those sick or shut-in, please contact Stu Sepulvida (Pastoral Assistants).

  • Lector / Commentator

    St. Francis de Sales Lectors and Commentators are parishioners who have volunteered for this important ministry and have been trained to develop and perfect their skills in oral communication. There is always a need for more men and women, young and old, to serve in this ministry.

    The Lector proclaims the Scripture readings from the pulpit, and, through use of various factors of speech, communicates the meaning of the texts to the congregation.

    Commentators introduce the weekend Masses, announce the hymns, lead the congregation in psalm responses, and make various announcements necessary to the celebration.

    For information on becoming a Lector/Commentator, please contact Bernie Kanavage or Bethany Rutledge.

  • Pallbearers

    Occasionally, the family of a deceased loved one needs the assistance of Pallbearers for a funeral held here at St. Francis de Sales and at the graveside following the Mass. We are always in need of volunteers to help these families in their time of need. If you are available during the day and would like to help in this very special ministry, please contact the Parish Office.

  • Philotheas 

    The Philotheas Group is probably the oldest on-going organization in St. Francis de Sales Parish.  It was begun around the year 1971. 

    The purpose of the Philotheas Group is to prepare and take food to the home of the family of a deceased Parishioner while the family is at the funeral Mass and cemetery. 

    The group has no meetings, no officers, and most of its members probably do not know how many Parishioners are involved in the work of the group.  Upon notification of the death of a member of our Parish family, the Philotheas Group is contacted.  A member of the group contacts the bereaved family and offers to provide a light meal for 20 to 25 people, and further arrangements are then made.  The Parish provides the money for the purchase of the meat and cheese, and the other dishes (salads, baked beans, potato chips, rolls and bread, cake, etc.) and services are gladly donated by members of the group. 

    If you would be interested in participating in this very important ministry, or if you would like more information, please contact Jan Jones.

  • Religious Education Teachers

    Teachers are always in need! Please pray about the possibility that God may be calling you to teach our youth.  No experience is necessary, and materials are provided. All you need is a love for God and the desire to help the Church grow. Our teachers teach students from 3 yrs old through high school seniors. If God is calling you to this ministry, please contact the Religious Education director for PreK-6 or the director for 7-12.
  • R.C.I.A. Sponsors

    Are you someone who would see sharing your faith and the faith journey of another as a great thing?
    R.C.I.A. is always looking for new sponsors.  Please contact Deacon Russ & Maureen Kingery if you would like more information.

  • Society of St Vincent de Paul 

    The purpose of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is primarily to assist the poor and needy in the spirit of the charity of Jesus Christ. Members of the St. Francis de Sales group find in this important ministry a great deal of both the fulfillment and challenge of the Gospel, for themselves as well as for the people they serve. The generosity of our Parishioners through use of the monthly St. Vincent de Paul collection envelope, donations to the “poor boxes” in the church, and participation in food drives has enabled members to touch the lives of very many in our community. For more information please contact the Parish Office. Or if you need assistance, please see the SVdP request website.

  • Ushers

    The St. Francis de Sales Ushers are a cherished and valuable group of Parishioners who each weekend do their best to assist, in whatever way they can, all who come to worship in our Parish. The Ushers greet those coming to Mass, assist them in finding a seat if necessary, help with the collection and Offertory procession, distribute bulletins after Mass, just to name a few of their many and varied services!
    If you are interested in becoming an Usher or would like more information on the ushering program, please contact Timothy Doe.